10 Interior Design Trends We Expect to See in 2024

Modern living room with contemporary Scandinavian theming.

The landscape of interior design is ever-evolving, and as we embrace 2024, it’s clear that this year is about creating spaces that resonate with warmth, comfort, and personal expression.

From the resurgence of nostalgic elements to the bold use of colours, these trends are set to redefine our homes. Let’s explore the top 10 interior design trends for 2024.


An internal photograph of a living room with a warm and earthy aesthetic.


  1. Warm Tones and Earthy Hues

Gone are the days of stark, cold palettes. 2024 is welcoming a spectrum of warm, earthy hues that bring a sense of calm and comfort to any space. Colours like beige, taupe, tan, ochre, and light pinks are not just trendy; they’re timeless.

As the year progresses, expect to see these hues deepen into richer shades of brown, complemented by subtle, nude pink tones. These colours work wonderfully to create a serene, inviting atmosphere, perfect for spaces where relaxation and tranquillity are key.



Caress carpet in bedroom. Pink pastel colour.


  1. Cosy, Tactile Bouclé Fabrics

The tactile experience in interior design is taking a front seat this year, with bouclé fabrics leading the charge. This trend is all about engaging the senses – the softness and warmth of these fabrics invite touch and create an immediate sense of comfort and luxury.

Bouclé fabrics are not just for carpets and upholstery; they’re becoming a staple for throws, cushions, and even curtains, adding depth and interest to any room. Their versatility and timeless appeal make them a perfect choice for creating a cosy, welcoming home that is soft on the eyes and the hands.


White Art Deco style rug with curved fingerprint pattern.


  1. Art Deco Curves

Love it or hate it, Art Deco seems to keep coming back. This year, interior design pays homage to the elegant, flowing lines of Art Deco, but with a modern twist. Furniture, flooring, and accessories featuring curvy, organic shapes are in vogue, offering a softer, more approachable take on the classic Art Deco style.

These pieces, when combined with the warm, earthy tones and tactile fabrics of 2024’s trends, create spaces that are both sophisticated and inviting. Expect to see these curves in everything from rugs and armchairs to mirrors and light fixtures, adding a touch of elegance to any room.


Karndean Heritage collection luxury vinyl tiles. Orange and Black vintage nostalgia pattern flooring.


  1. Playful Nostalgia

Very recent interior design trends seem to be embracing a strong sense of whimsy and nostalgia. We are seeing a lot of playful elements like scalloped edges, soft ruffles, candy cane stripes, and gingham play centre-stage.

These features add a touch of charm and character to spaces, evoking memories of simpler times. This trend is particularly effective in soft furnishings and accessories, where these playful details can add a light-hearted touch without overwhelming the space. It’s all about balancing modernity with a nod to the past, creating spaces that feel both fresh and familiar.



Modern living room with contemporary Scandinavian theming.

  1. The New Scandi

Scandinavian design has been a staple in homes for years, known for its clean lines, minimalism, and functionality. In 2024, this trend will evolve, embracing warmer tones and richer textures.

The New Scandi is about creating spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also warm and inviting. This trend sees the incorporation of warmer woods, softer lines, and tactile fabrics, maintaining the simplicity and functionality of traditional Scandinavian design while making it cosier and more approachable.


Red, earthy Ceramic vase with autumn flowers.


  1. Red Earth Ceramics

As a nod to the natural world, red earth ceramics are making a significant impact in 2024, we’re sure you’ll notice them start to crop up everywhere in the coming months. These pieces, with their rich, warm tones and organic shapes, add an element of artisanal charm to any space.

They’re perfect for adding a touch of earthiness and texture, whether in the form of vases, bowls, or decorative items. This trend complements the move towards natural, earthy tones, bringing a sense of the outdoors into our homes in a subtle, sophisticated way.

Top tip: We recently came across this very interesting article on the differences between red and white clay, used for ceramics. It’s well worth a read.


Folklore inspired carpeting with vines, leaves, and butterflies.


  1. Folklore Trend

The folklore trend is a celebration of nature and heritage. It’s about bringing the charm of the countryside into our homes through decorative fabrics, intricate embroidery, and woodland scenes.

This 2024 trend is perfect for those looking to add a touch of rustic elegance to their space. It works beautifully with natural colour palettes and materials, creating a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. Expect to see this trend in textiles, wallpaper, and accessories, each telling a story and adding a layer of depth and interest to the home.


Pop Art inspired living room with floral decor.


  1. Pop Art Inspired Florals

Bold, vibrant, and unapologetically expressive, pop art-inspired florals are a standout trend we’re expecting to see this year. This trend is all about making a statement, whether through large-scale wall art, vibrant upholstery, or striking accessories.

These florals are a modern twist on traditional patterns, offering a fresh, contemporary take on a classic design element. They work particularly well when paired with the 70s revival trend (spoilers…), creating spaces that are dynamic, colourful, and full of personality.


Art Deco, 70's revival style interior of living room. Featuring mustard, grey and navy furniture.


  1. 70’s Revival

The 70s are back in a big way in 2024, with a focus on rich, earthy tones and luxurious textures. This trend brings a sense of nostalgia but with a modern twist.

Think rattan furniture, velvet armchairs, and retro drinks trolleys, all in a palette of earthy browns, light mustard, terracotta, and oranges. This trend is about embracing the bold, eclectic style of the 70s while keeping it fresh and contemporary. It’s perfect for those looking to add a touch of retro glamour and opulence to their homes.


Collage of bold, bright, colourful living room themes.


  1. Say ‘No’ to Monochrome

2024 marks a significant shift away from the all-white or black-and-white aesthetics. This year is all about accessorizing with colour. From sultry navies to lively hues of blues, greens, and pinks, the colour trends of 2024 advocate for a daring approach.

We’re seeing a refreshing pushback against the ubiquitous all-white aesthetic, with monochromatic paints and deep, saturated colour schemes reclaiming the spotlight. This trend manifests in painted alcoves, striking wallpapers, deep wood tones, and evocative upholstery, encouraging everyone to unleash their colour perspective.


Female Interior Designer choosing flooring tiles in Fludes Carpets.


In conclusion, the interior design trends of 2024 are all about creating spaces that reflect our personalities, offer comfort, and connect us to the natural world. These trends encourage us to embrace colour, texture, and form in new and exciting ways, transforming our homes into unique, personal sanctuaries. Embrace these trends to make your home a true reflection of your style and a haven for the year ahead.



Ready to Embrace the 2024 Interior Design Trends?

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