Author: Andy Laird

Sale at Fludes Carpets

Fludes Carpets Summer Sale

Fludes Carpets is pleased to finally announce the details of our annual summer sale! Should you be in the market for new carpet, rugs, or flooring, head down to one of our stores to take advantage of this fantastic offer – available for a limited time only.


NOW ENDED: Free carpet fitting for a limited time only!

Fludes Carpets is pleased to announce that we are offering free carpet fitting on rooms over 4m x 4m for a limited time only when the carpet is ordered with new underlay!

Why Are Carpets Available More Cheaply Online?

Carpets are like any other commodity available on the internet, as the company selling the product does not always have to provide...

Carpet Fitters in Hailsham

Interest Free Credit on Carpets & Flooring

Interest Free Credit on Carpets & Flooring…

Carpet Fitters in East Sussex

Being a part of one of the largest groups of carpet shops in and around Sussex, we have many extremely experienced carpet...

Newhaven Carpet Store Temporarily Relocated

We said in our previous blog post that our Newhaven carpet store had been closed due to the tidal surge on the...

Fludes Carpets in Newhaven Temporarily Closed

Due to the tidal surge on the 6th and 7th December, the Fludes carpets store

New Rug Styles – Papilo

Just arrived at three of our stores, these funky rugs are made from recycled products including bike inner tubes, plastic bottles, old jeans and banana skins.

Top Laminates – Quickstep

Find out about the features that highlight the advantages of a Quickstep floor.

Top Carpets at Fludes

Find out the current top 4 most popular carpets.