How to Care for your Rug

By Andy Laird  |   |  Nov 20, 2014

Rugs still need a little tlc. Whether they are shaggy or made of wool, there are different routines you need to adopt on a regular basis to ensure you keep your rug looking clean and fresh.

care-for-your-rugShaggy Rugs

  • When vacuuming your rug, use a small nozzle attachment to prevent damage of the pile
  • A good old shake outside in the garden will get rid of dust and other bits of fluff that may have accumulated

Wool Rugs

  • With wool rugs, extra care should always be taken
  • Always clean any spillages immediately, but avoid overwetting the rug as it may cause damage
  • Wool rugs are always liable to shed – this isn’t necessarily a fault in the rug, just vacuum regularly to remove any loose fibres. Doing this will also ensure your wool rug lasts longer

Spillages and Stains

  • Always treat spillages immediately, using an absorbant clean cloth to soak up the liquid
  • Apply luke warm water to the stain. Do not rub – just blot the area, until the stain has been removed. Avoid overwetting the area. You may need to repeat this several times until the stain has finally gone
  • If necessary, a mild detergent or soap can be used if the stain doesn’t go, but always test your carpet first, where it wouldn’t show

To summarise, here are some of the key stains and spillages you may encounter for your rug or carpet. Here are some tips for removal:

  • Wine – Talcum powder and then warm water with detergant
  • Alcohol – Warm water and detergent
  • Most make up – Dry cleaning solvent, then warm water and detergent
  • Blood – Warm water and detergent
  • Vomit – Warm water and detergent, then use a dry cleaning solvent
  • Urine – Warm water and detergent, then white vinegar and water
  • Butter – Dry cleaning solvent, then warm water and detergent
  • Wax – Freeze using ice, shatter wax, vacuum, then a dry cleaning solvent, water and detergent
  • Shoe Polish – Dry cleaning solvent, then warm water and detergent
  • Chewing gum – Freeze using ice, shatter gum, vacuum, then a dry cleaning solvent, water and detergent

This is just a summary of how to care for your rug and you always need to take great care when cleaning a stain from it. Dry cleaning solvent can be bought cheaply, either online or at most good hardware stores. Some larger supermarkets may even stock it.

Never rub your rug, always blot a stain – it will be far more effective and will avoid long term damage to the rug!

After stating all of the above, we have found this great website in West Yorkshire who have a stain wizard. This is something we will be publishing in the New Year ourselves, but in the meantime, take a look!