Caring for Carpets and Floors When it’s Wet and Windy

Muddy flooring with boots and wellies on in Winter/Autumn

When the great outdoors decides to follow you indoors, courtesy of muddy boots, playful pets, and the occasional splash from bath time escapades, it’s your floors that bear the brunt of these adventures.

But not to worry; with a sprinkle of savvy and a dash of diligence, maintaining spotless carpets and floors can be as breezy as a spring day in the park. Here’s a fun and easy guide to keeping your home cosy and clean, no matter the weather.

Stylish boots in contemporary home, resting on welcome mat.

Step 1: The Welcome Mat: Your Floor’s Best Friend

Imagine your dog, fresh from a puddle-splashing adventure, or your kids, leaving a breadcrumb trail of mud and raindrops across the floor. The first hero in our story? A trusty doormat.

We’re big fans of good quality doormats that catch any potential messes before they become a memory etched into your carpets and floors. In fact, we supply and fit Coir matting for entrances which looks particularly good in hallways, and are especially effective at protecting your floors.

Top Tip: Make a game of who can wipe their feet the most thoroughly, winner takes all, and the family pooch can even join in.

Owner cleaning muddy dog paws on carpet

Step 2: The Quick Clean-Up

Life’s little spills and thrills don’t have to spell disaster. Whether it’s a toppled plant pot or a set of soggy socks, quick action with a towel or mop can save the day.

As soon as a spill happens, spring into action. The faster you address the spill, the less likely it will turn into a stubborn stain.

  1. Start by Blotting: Grab a clean, white cloth or some paper towels. Press down on the spill, starting from the outer edges and moving towards the centre. This method helps prevent the spill from spreading. Continuously rotate to a clean section of your cloth, or grab fresh towels as needed, to ensure you’re always absorbing with a clean surface.
  2. Gently Remove Solids: If there’s any solid matter, carefully lift it off the carpet with the edge of a spoon. This helps to clear the area without pushing the substance deeper into the fibres.
  3. Watch the Transfer: Keep an eye on your towels as you blot. Seeing the colour of the spill transfer to the towel means you’re successfully lifting it from the carpet. Continue until no more colours come off onto your towels. Remember, rubbing is off-limits as it can damage the carpet fibres and spread the stain.
  4. Avoid Certain Cleaners: Steer clear of all-purpose spray cleaners or alkaline detergents. These can harm your carpet, causing more issues than the spill itself. However, when it comes to bleach, some carpets are now “bleach cleanable” so always make sure you speak to a flooring expert at Fludes Carpets or consult the manufacturers cleaning guide for full cleaning instructions.
  5. Apply a Weight: Once you’ve blotted up as much of the spill as possible, lay down a fresh set of clean towels over the area. Place a weight on top, like a glass or ceramic dish, to help draw out any remaining moisture from the carpet.


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Family cleaning living room floors together.

Step 3: Fun with the Vacuum and Mop

Who says cleaning can’t be fun? Take it in turns for each family member to choose a tune and have them blasting out whilst you challenge everyone to one job. We’ve even heard success stories of having a dance-off with the vacuum cleaner, dust cloth, or mop in hand.

It’s a great way to keep the floors looking their best and turn a routine task into a laughter-filled session of family bonding.

Goally offers this great guide on how to get your kids to help with vacuuming, and we’re confident it will work on your other half too.


Carpet cleaning rug

Step 4: The Great Deep Clean

Every now and then, your floors deserve a little extra TLC. A deep clean can work wonders, refreshing and reviving every fibre and tile. Why not make it a family activity? Assign tasks to each family member and reward yourselves with a movie night afterwards to celebrate.

You can rent carpet cleaners from most supermarkets in the UK. We believe it’s well worth doing at least once a year, though ideally every 6 months would be even better.


Carpet Cleaning spray and protector

Step 5: Invisible Shields and Magic Sprays

There are some fantastic products out there that can make your floors more resistant to spills, stains, and splashes. Investing in a good carpet protector or a sealant for hard floors can be like casting a protective spell, making clean-ups a breeze, and keeping your floors safe from the chaos of daily life.


Step 6: Expert Advice – Your Secret Weapon

Sometimes, a little expert advice goes a long way. Whether it’s choosing the best protective products or finding the most effective cleaning techniques, don’t hesitate to ask a flooring expert.

We help all our customers choose flooring and carpets that best fit their daily life. Whether that means a high-pile carpet for a luxuriously soft living room, or an easy-to-clean quick-step laminate for easy care in the kitchen. If you’re a bit stuck or just need a helping hand, come in-store, and talk to a member of our team today.


Eastbourne Fludes store Rug display

Step 7: Roll Out the Fun with Seasonal Rugs

Rugs and runners aren’t just practical; they’re a chance to refresh your home’s look anytime you fancy. They’re like fancy-dress for your floor, protecting it from dirt and wear while adding a splash of colour and fun. Plus, they’re easy to clean and switch out, making them perfect for families always on the go.


Muddy boots on carpet floor UK 

From muddy misadventures to indoor rainstorms courtesy of bath time, your home is the backdrop to a myriad of family memories. With these simple steps, keeping your carpets and floors clean can be part of the fun, not a chore. So, embrace the mess of daily life, knowing you’ve got the tricks up your sleeve to keep your home looking and feeling its best, come rain or shine.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How can I quickly dry a wet carpet to prevent mould?

A: Blot the area with towels to absorb as much water as possible, use a wet/dry vacuum if available, and then apply fans or a dehumidifier to speed up the drying process.


Q: What’s the best way to protect carpets from mud and water?

A: Place high-quality doormats at all entrances and consider using carpet protectors or runners in high-traffic areas to catch dirt and moisture before they reach your carpets.


Q: Can regular vacuuming extend the life of my flooring?

A: Yes, regular vacuuming removes dirt and grit that can wear down carpet fibres and scratch hard floors, helping to extend the life and beauty of your flooring.


Q: How often should I deep clean my carpets and floors?

A: It’s recommended to deep clean your carpets every 6 to 12 months and hard floors as needed, depending on foot traffic, carpet type, and exposure to dirt and spills.


Q: Are there any DIY solutions for waterproofing carpets and floors?

A: While professional products are generally more effective, DIY solutions like applying a mixture of water and fabric protector spray can offer temporary resistance to spills on carpets. For hard floors, regular sealing with appropriate sealants can provide a waterproof barrier.

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