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Gripper Rods

Gripper rods are used around the perimeter of the room to be fitted with carpet. They are fixed at the edges of the room a short distance from the wall. The underlay will be fitted first, up the gripper rods and the carpet fitted over the underlay and stretched over the gripper rods and then tucked into the gap formed between the wall and the gripper rods, the carpet is then trimmed to size. When the opposite wall is fitted with carpet, the fitter will use a tool called a stretcher to pull the carpet tightly onto the gripper rod to ensure a neat, smooth finish to the carpet.

There are different types of gripper to suit different types of carpet and are available for wooden and solid floors. They are made of plywood and nails in strips which are fitted with the sharp points pointing towards the wall thus providing a fitting point for the carpet.

In the doorways, a metal door bar may be used to make a neat finish to each room. The door bar should be sited beneath the door in such a manner that it will be hidden when the door is closed.


Fludes carpets special select there underlay to give all round comfort and performance of your new flooring.

We use a PU Foam underlay which is recycled and can also be recycled after use.

We have selected the most used underlay we have but other underlays are available in store.

How to measure an irregular shaped room

The easiest way to do this is to draw the shape first and then fill in the lengths of the different walls.

Use a pencil and Ruler for drawing the shape and when you have the basic shape, mark on the drawing the position of doors and any cupboards in the room. At this point you should make a note of the type of flooring (IE. Solid or Wooden) and whether it is smooth or uneven.

Measure the maximum length of the room and the maximum width. Measure into any doorways and remember that the flooring will finish under the closed door so that from either side of the closed door you will not see the flooring on the other side. Fill in the rest of the sizes of all of the walls. If the walls converge into a “V” shape make sure that you measure from this point to the nearest other walls. Remember to check if the walls drop back from the room, for example into an alcove or beside the fireplace. Also check the gap under any doors to ensure that there is room for the carpet (& underlay)  to be fitted, and that the door will easily open when the floor is re-layed.

You should add about 10 cm or 3 inches to each wall length and not mix up the type of unit of measurement (either use centimetres and metres or feet and inches). Finally, check each wall shown on the diagram to ensure that you have not missed any sizes out.

Flooring sizes

Our carpets are made in 4m or 5m widths so our calculator will round the room size accordingly.


  • Free estimating & measuring

    Once you've selected your flooring we can arrange a suitable time and date to visit your home. Our estimator can then measure up and explain all of the options available to you.

  • Uplift & disposal of your old flooring

    At Fludes carpets we're aware that taking up and disposing of an old carpet is quite a daunting thought, so our fitters are quite prepared to do it for you. We can arrange for your old carpets to be taken up and disposed of in the most environmentally-efficient way possible.

  • Moving of your furniture

    Who wants to spend an evening after a hard day’s work or maybe looking after the kids to take on the task of emptying a room of its furniture? Well, you don't have to. Our fitters will carefully move your furniture out and back in to your room once the new carpet is laid.

  • Subfloor preparation

    Some floors may need preparation prior to installing a new covering. Fludes Carpets will survey the floor and recommend the best method of fitting your flooring and advise on the type of preparation needed.

  • Free delivery of your flooring

    When you purchase a carpet from Fludes we won't surprise you with hidden charges. Our delivery is completely free of charge when we fit your flooring.

  • 0% Interest Free Credit

    When you spend £699 or more in store we welcome you to join our Interest Free Credit* plan. *10 months interest free CREDIT (representative 0% APR). Minimum order value £699. Subject to status.

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