Carpet Trends for 2016

By Andy Laird  |   |  Mar 23, 2016
Crucial Trading - Sisool Tric Ivory

Flecks are in, thin plain beige carpet is, well, pretty much out.

Generally it takes a long time for a particular carpet style to become very uncool because carpets are laid and remain in place for several if not many, many, years at a time. Geometric styles are always available, as are plain carpets. But in 2016 there are some particular elements considered to be the carpet trends to have!

Flecks are more preferable over plain carpets at the moment as the customer has learnt that the small colour detail helps hide marks and spills. Flecks of colour are not only appearing on beige, tan and cream backgrounds but in greens, pale yellows and blues (the modern neutrals).

Historical Glamour

Crucial Trading - Wilton Svelte Willow

According to Victoria Redshaw, the Futurist at Scarlet Opus, a trend forecasting company, a big concept this year is ‘Historical Glamour’.  This is mixing heritage simplicity and modern indulgence; a need for comfort and a feeling of luxury without being ostentatious. She says “We’re looking more to the past for comfort and inspiration. At the same time, we want to add a little sense of glamour into our lives”. So to achieve this look you need to mix the old and the new.

Other carpet trends for 2016

Bold floral patterns (which can vary in scale) and colours reminiscent of a beautiful garden that includes pinks, greens and lilacs. The key here is random elements rather than a uniform style.

Metallic or pearlescent accents resulting in a cozy and light look.

On your staircase, carpet installed as a runner in the waterfall style (so the carpet is not tight to the front edge of the stair, but comes straight down to meet the next stair). Use stair rods that match the banister or another nearby decorative element.