Why Are Carpets Available More Cheaply Online?

By Andy Laird  |   |  Nov 6, 2014

Carpets are like any other commodity available on the internet, as the company selling the product does not always have to provide the same level of service as your local shop would. When buying electrical goods, CDs, photographic items and books, all they need to do is list it, sell the product then pack and despatch it. Unlike local shops, there are lower overheads and reduced staffing costs.

When buying a specialist product such as flooring, unless you are great at DIY, you will probably need the item measured and fitted by a professional who will then provide a guarantee with this service. Your local flooring specialist will also give good advice on the product that you need and you will have the opportunity to look at samples in the comfort of a smart store with experienced staff to guide you all the way through this important and generally reasonably expensive purchase.

After fitting, on rare occasions there may be a need to call the fitter back to re-stretch the carpet and this is all part of the service. The level of service provided by your local Fludes Carpet store is to a high standard and the prices are highly competitive compared to other retailers.

Why are carpets available more cheaply online? Well the internet may provide a cheaper price, but it does not match the service levels of a local specialist store. So if you need a supply only purchase the internet will usually have a cheaper price and you will have to do the work.

Your local specialist flooring company will take the hassle away from your purchase and also provide an excellent after sales service to the customer. Sometimes the cheapest price is not the best price!