Choosing the Right Quality Carpet for your Room

By Andy Laird  |   |  Sep 22, 2014

When choosing the right quality carpet for your room, there are certain points you need to think about. Before venturing into your local carpet specialist, you should make a list of your needs and expectations of your new carpet, as well as details of your household and furnishings.

Ask yourself:

  • “What is my budget?”
  • “How long do I expect to stay in this house?”
  • “When do I need the carpet fitted?”
  • “What colours and textures are my favourites?”
  • “Which rooms do I want to carpet?”

It is also a good idea to take some room sizes into the store; the assistant will then be able to give a rough idea of cost and in many cases this will also then narrow down the search area!

With these few blanks to fill in, you can go to see your carpet advisor who will ask the follow up questions:

  • “How many people are in the house?”
  • “Have you children/animals?”

A positive answer to this last question would obviously point towards a stain resistant carpet!

As far as colours and styles are concerned, this is very much down to personal taste, although most assistants will give you sound advice based on the experiences of many previous customer purchases, what is new in and for which area of the house the carpets are for.

In brief, you can make your choice simpler by asking yourself these initial questions and then you will be able to visit your local carpet specialist, being fully prepared.