Does a good underlay affect the wear of your new carpet?

By Andy Laird  |   |  Sep 15, 2014

When buying a new carpet it might be tempting to try to save money by re-using the old underlay. Unless the underlay has been recently laid, this could be a false economy. A good quality underlay will prolong the life, and the appearance of your carpet.

You wouldn’t buy a new car and fit it with partly worn tyres, so protect your new carpet by purchasing the underlay to go with it. The choice of underlay will depend on the type of carpet, and the type of floor that the carpet is going on.

If you are buying a woven carpet, or a natural fibre flooring, we recommend a rubber crumb/felt combination which gives good support and helps the carpet bed down well. Rubber underlays provide a firm support and when fitted on wooden floors will provide a nice “soft step” feel.

The more recent PU underlays come in differing thicknesses and densities. Thicknesses range from 7mm to 12mm, generally the thicker the underlay, the softer feeling is created. Don’t forget to take the density into account, these range from mid to high density and will suit different carpet types. As there are many differing reasons to chose the right underlay, it is best to talk to your local carpet specialist.