Great Testimonial from Customer Through Checkatrade

By Andy Laird  |   |  Jun 9, 2014

At Fludes Carpets, we love getting testimonials from our customers, whether good or bad – as it shows we are only human. We hope that you will be encouraged to see that all reviews are honest and are an overall view of how great we are.

We have recently received a review from one happy customer and thought it was a really great and also relevant review. This customer had vinyl flooring laid in two of their rooms at home:

This was arranged through my insurance company so did not pick this company, but so pleased that it was picked by them. From the excellent assistance on the telephone, to their advice and understanding in the store I couldn’t be happier. Then their fitter going out of his way to lay an excellent floor in super quick time – how could I not recommend this company! Service and quality seldom found these days, I can’t thank them all enough!
Mr Lumm in Eastbourne

Please take a look at some of our other testimonial through Checkatrade. Many referrals for all our carpet stores come through this website.