Moth Problems in Carpets

By Andy Laird  |   |  Oct 6, 2014

Because our houses are warmer and less draughty than in previous years, they attract a number of other residents. In the past few years and particularly in the south of England there has been a significant increase in moth infestation. They are harmless to humans, although their eating habits make an increase in dust and this is not helpful for asthmatics.

The biggest problem is the damage to natural fibre carpets and clothes. Moths will often cause significant damage, which requires replacement of the damaged item. Here are a few facts to help you reduce the risks.

How do Moths become a problem?

The adult female, which is around a centimetre long, will lay her eggs, which resemble rice grains, on natural carpet and clothing fibres. Females lay around 40 eggs over a three–week period, then die. It takes only a few days for eggs to hatch, then they remain as larvae for up to two years, munching away at whatever natural fibres they can find.

The result in carpets is that you will notice holes in the carpet under cupboards or beds. Sometimes these will be from the size of a 1p to the size of a saucer! The eggs look like grains of rice and need to be dealt with quickly.

Moths breed in dark, undisturbed places and a quick vacuum won’t shift eggs from these places, or natural fibre carpets that are under furniture. It is vital to vacuum regularly under beds, carpets and behind radiators to prevent moths invading.

How can I prevent Moths in My Carpet?

Use a powerful vacuum to shift eggs from fibres, but remember to remove the collected dust or vacuum bags from the house straight away, if you don’t the eggs will hatch inside the machine and eat the dust. After their meal they will fly out to cause further bother.

If you have to replace the carpet, there are two paths to follow.

Firstly you can choose a man-made pile carpet such as nylon of polypropylene – the moths are unable to eat much of this and will then die out due to starvation.

Secondly, choose a carpet with moth treatment; many manufacturers offer this, and the carpets will be labeled to that effect.

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