The New iSense® Sensuality Collection is Coming…

By Andy Laird  |   |  Jun 3, 2014
iSense Sensuality Collection

Have you ever walked on carpet that just feels like velvet?  No neither had we, until we had seen iSense®

This new collection of carpets has such a soft sensuality and just makes you want to take your shoes and socks off and wander barefoot, luxuriating in the silky softness of this innovative and wonderful carpet .

iSense® is not a soft touch, however, where performance is concerned. Clever construction means that the fibres will recover faster from traffic wear than any other comparable carpet. All Sensuality iSense® branded carpets will be available in 4m and extra wide 5m widths and will also be compatible with underfloor heating.

“The launch of iSense® is a game changer in the market for softness. Retailers know how many consumers buy on how a carpet handles and on that basis, this collection is uniquely irresistible.”
Steve Elliott
Managing Director Associated Weavers

Offering these luxurious carpets for all rooms in your home, from hard wearing areas to the luxury of your bedroom, at Fludes Carpets we are very excited about being able to sell this wonderful new style of carpet when it is launched in June.

Please email Email Us at our Newhaven store to register your interest in this new product.