Perfect Sized Rugs

By Andy Laird  |   |  Apr 13, 2015

When customers come into our stores looking for a rug the first part (finding a design, colour or style) is easy.

Then the problem often is ” I am not sure how big it needs to be”.

We discuss where the area for the rug is, in a hallway, dining room or lounge? Perhaps beside the bed, or at the end of the bed?

Then the calculation begins, is it in front of the sofa? Yes? Well a standard sofa is about 2m wide. So a rug 1.8m by 1.2m will do. But if there is a coffee table in the way that won’t work?

There is a very basic and simple way to visualise how big the rug needs to be.

After deciding that you need a rug, go to the area where the rug will be. Take a newspaper with you, not to read! Open the newspaper into separate sheets and lay them on the floor, moving them into the size that will best fit the area of the rug.

Measure the size and you have the answer; simple! But remember that most rugs tend to come in the following standard sizes:-


Metric                   Imperial

1.5 x 0.9                5 x 3

1.8 x 1.2                6 x 4

2.4 x 1.5                8 x 5

3.0 x 1.8                10 x 8

3.7 x 2.7                12 x 9

Remember to consider if there are any doors by the rug that might not open if the rug is in the way.

Or perhaps if the rug will cause a trip hazard in halls or landings. Finally, think about purchasing an anti-slip underlay to help reduce the annoying and potentially dangerous movement of the rug when placed on another carpet, or a smooth floor.

Follow all these points to choose perfect sized rugs for your home!