The Karndean Guarantee

The Karndean Guarantee

A comprehensive lifetime guarantee...

Every Karndean Designfloor purchased and installed through Fludes Carpets is eligible for a lifetime transferrable purchase guarantee. Fludes Carpets will email you a copy of your guarantee within the first two months you have your Karndean Designfloor.

Find out more about the Karndean lifetime guarantee here.


Transferring the guarantee

If you sell the home that you had a Karndean Designfloor installed in you can ensure that the new owners have the same protection for their floor by transferring the guarantee over to them.

It’s simple to do – just leave the Transferable Purchase Guarantee behind with the new owners and they’ll be able to get in touch with Karndean and get it transferred over to their name.

Please note that this method is only possible if the floor was laid after 1st April 2010, as this is when Karndean started distributing guarantees under this system.


Making a claim

Claiming against your guarantee needs to be done in writing or by telephone and it’s Fludes Carpets that will need to be contacted.


Fitted Karndean parquet to our hallway. The team were helpful and professional. Love the finished job!
— Humphrey, Haywards Heath