Take advantage of our 10% discount

By  |   |  Jun 21, 2018

Whether you’re looking to renovate your home, or you’ve just moved into your new house, new flooring can give your home a feeling of freshness.

We have an extensive selection of high-quality flooring solutions that are perfect for any home or business. We have softer, more comfortable carpets and rugs as well as more durable and hardwearing flooring such as wood and vinyl solutions.

Our UNMISSABLE 10% discount across all our stores

It’s the last weekend of our UNMISSABLE 10% discount on Karndean flooring, QuickStep flooring, wood flooring, and carpets!


Our Newhaven Store’s new Karndean Section

Our Newhaven Store has recently expanded on its Karndean Flooring section to offer even more of a variety of durable flooring solutions from this high-quality brand.  Pop in today and discover the extensive selection of Karndean flooring designs that are available.

Pop in and meet Simon, Max, Tim, and Ashley at our Newhaven Store. The experienced team at our Newhaven store are highly knowledgeable of the industry and are more than happy to help you with any query you might have about the right flooring solution for your home or business.

What’s more, these are all currently available at a 10% discount. Hurry, these wonderful flooring solutions are only available on discount until the end of June 2018!


Pop into your local Fludes Carpets today and make the most of our 10% discount

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