Terms & Conditions

Registered Office : Denton Island, Newhaven, Sussex BN9 9BB

Telephone: 01273 517619

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  1. A 50% deposit is required upon placing an order. Your deposit is protected by The Carpet Foundation Deposit Protection Scheme.
  2. The balance owing to Fludes Carpets Ltd. must be paid within the week prior to the fitting or delivery of goods.
  3. When an order is placed a contract exists between the consumer and Fludes Carpets Ltd. Cancellations are not normally acceptable although in extenuating circumstances, where the consumer cancels on reasonable grounds a refund of the deposit may be made at our discretion which will be subject to a charge for any expenses incurred.
  4. All flooring materials remain the property of Fludes Carpets until payment is made in full.



  1. All carpet measurements are provided subject to a tolerance of plus or minus 1.25% in accordance with BS3665.
  2. Individual samples will be unlikely to be from current production batches and should only be used as a colour guide not an exact match. Where colour is critical we will obtain a stock cutting from the manufacturer/supplier. Carpet shades will be as close as reasonably possible to the sample from which selection was made, minor variations may occur.
  3. When new flooring is installed we recommend a new underlay or appropriate preparation is carried out, as this will have a positive impact upon the wear life of the product.
  4. Cut pile carpet products may develop ‘pile reversal’ which is a localised change in the direction of pile which alters the pattern of reflected light to give a light and shade effect. This naturally occurring phenomenon does not affect the carpet’s resistance to abrasive wear.
  5. On all carpet some tracking marks will occur in heavy traffic areas during the normal wear life of the carpet.



  1. We will liaise closely with the consumer over delivery and installation dates to avoid the consumer being inconvenienced if any problems occur.
  2. When placing the order the consumer must inform us of any ‘critical deadlines’ by which time the project must be completed.
  3. Any delays in carrying out the installation not within the reasonable control of Fludes Carpets Ltd. will not be our responsibility. The Company can change fitting dates but does require 48 hours notice. If notice is not given a £100 call out charge will be levied.
  4. Fitting arrangements are made as agent of the consumer with the fitter concerned. The fitting service is provided  by  a competent independent fitter to the Fitting monies are received by the Company as agent of this consumer, for remission to the fitter. The fitter is responsible to the consumer for the satisfactory completion of the fitting service.
  5. Fludes Carpets are neither agents nor principals of carpet fitters.
  6. Consumers goods awaiting fitting/delivery may be stored on our premises for a maximum of 28 days and should goods be stored for a period in excess of this time be required Fludes Carpets Ltd. require payment in respect of the carpet ordered for the consumer.
  7. The position of the wiring and piping in vulnerable places must be drawn to the attention of the fitter. The fitter cannot be responsible for the accidental damage to pipe work or cables as a consequence of a failure on the consumers part in this respect.
  8. Due to the increasing complexity of these devices the fitter cannot accept responsibility for the  disconnection  and re-connection of any electrical items and all kitchen appliances.
  9. Due to a number of variables carpet may ‘relax’ in the first few weeks following installation and this may require a re-stretch which the fitter will undertake at no cost during the first six months.
  10. An excess damp reading may delay the fitting of a wood/vinyl flooring.



  1. The consumer is responsible for the condition of the sub-floor and if additional preparation work is needed to rectify undisclosed faults in the floor, additional charges will be made.
  2. We will provide a free one year guarantee against installation faults, and two years guarantee for proven manufacturing defects on all products.



  1. In the first instance, any complaints about the product, the underlay or accessories or the installation should be referred as soon as possible to where every effort will be made to resolve the matter with the minimum of delay.
  2. We use the complaints, conciliation and arbitration procedures set out in the Carpet Foundation Consumer Code of Practice to help resolve any disputes.

This does not affect your statutory rights.