Top Rugs at Fludes Carpets

By Andy Laird  |   |  Sep 25, 2013
Papilio rug

York by Asiatic Carpets

Pile content 100% wool, Hand-Loomed in India.

Sizes available; –  60cm by 120cm, 68cm by 240 cm, 80cm by 150 cm, 120cm by 170cm, 180cm by 230cm and 200cm by 290cm. Bespoke sizes available to order, ask in store for details.

Classic in its simplicity and design, the York rug currently comes in 10 fashionable colours in a range of 6 different sizes, which include runners and rectangles.

Twilight from Mastercraft

Pile content 100% Supersoft heat-set polypropylene pile made in the EU.

Made in 15 sizes and 19 colours, this is the fashion rug of today. Soft, sensual shaggy pile in a stunning colour bank to select from. Available in rectangles, circles and runners. Most stores have a full range available from stock or to order in 10 working days.


Pile content 100% wool, Traditionally Hand-woven in Pakistan.

Fludes Carpets maintains a good stock in this classic Oriental rug, Soft and stylish in the familiar lustrous finish that shines out from your floor. The “elephant foot” design has been handmade in Pakistan for centuries and is stocked by Fludes Carpets in 6 colours and many sizes up to 9 ft by 6ft, with larger sizes usually available to order in 10 working days. As this rug is hand-made, sizes will vary between individual pieces.

Other ranges…

Fludes Carpets carries a huge range of rugs in all styles and colours. There are new “recycled” products from Papilio rugs and A La Carte products available to be made in your choice of size and shape from a large colour and quality palette; see in store or on line for details of these new ranges.