Top Trending Carpets

By Andy Laird  |   |  Jun 4, 2014

At Fludes Carpets we really try and stay on top of what is trending re carpets and hard flooring. Choices change and popularity alters and with such a fluid market we need to keep ahead of what is happening and make ordering decisions based on all the information we can gather.

So for May the top choices we can offer are as follows:

1 Gala collection

Gala is a Loop piled manmade carpet in 4 designs including a stripe. It offers a 7 year wear warranty and over 60 colour options. It is also bleach cleanable with a year stain safe warranty. This product is very hard wearing and often used for rental properties as well as contract.

2 Capital Twist collection

Capital twist is an 80% British wool carpet available in 3 weights which are 40,50,60oz per square yard. It is available in 40 fantastic colours and also is in our June sale. It has a Very heavy domestic wear rating and is suitable for any room in the house except kitchens.

3 Natural Berber collection

Natural Berber is available in two qualities and is a rich twist pile of manmade fibre. It is available in multi widths to cut down on waste. It has a 10 and 12 year stain away warranty and has 14 colours in the range.

4 Carefree Elegance (

Elegance is 100% bleach cleanable manmade fibre carpet. Available in 30 contemporary colours using a 2 ply yarn which will make it look better for longer. 10 year wear and stain warranty. This was Fludes No 1 selling carpet last year.

5 Stain free Twist

Stain free carpet is a manmade fibre with a life time stain guarantee on very day household stains. It comes in a multi width option and has a large collection.

This is a list of our top trending carpets – however it may change next month. So please take a look and choose a store you would like to contact – we are here to help and advise you on the choice of carpet you would like for which area in your house. We look forward to hearing from you.