Why Use Underlay?

By Andy Laird  |   |  Nov 19, 2015

At Fludes Carpets we highly recommend the use of underlay before purchasing or installing any type of flooring. Our underlay is made from a polyurethane foam that is formed under high pressure, producing a dense, resilient yet light-weight material with an excellent underfoot feel!

Fludes Carpets supply underlay in a variety of materials ranging from; foam, rubber and felt. Each of these materials are available in different thickness’s and densities, depending on whether you choose to have carpets, wood or laminate flooring fitted, along with the underfoot feel factor you are looking for.

We are currently offering 50% OFF on selected ranges of underlay, part of the Autumn & Winter Sale! Underlay is a small, but very cost effective way to help insulate your home, giving you great value over time. As well as helping reinforce and strengthen your flooring to the type of everyday use it may go through.

Underlay can really make or break the look and feel of a new carpet or flooring if it’s not fitted at the same time. It’s light weight, durable features means it will increase the life of your carpet and help keep your room insulated. Its purposefully built to withstand moisture or heat damage as well as offering sound insulation. The rubber underlay in particular delivers the ultimate durability and is great for heavy wear areas like the halls, stairs and landings.

Each underlay is environmentally friendly, made from recycled post industrial waste, for example the rubber underlay is made using recycled car tyres. Thus lowering your carbon foot print and helping your home to become eco-friendly. Contact your local store now to find out which type of underlay we recommend for your home.