What flooring is right for every room of your house?

Choosing the flooring that is perfect for every room of your home is an important decision that requires you to consider style, functionality, and personal preference. The right carpet can make a standard living room the cosiest retreat on the street; likewise, a good standard of laminate can futureproof your busy open-plan kitchen-diner for years to come.

Every room has unique requirements that should be carefully considered when making these choices, and in this article, we’ll walk through each room and discuss the key factors you should bear in mind, as well as some top tips for the perfect functional flooring.

  1. Living Room
  2. Hallway
  3. Kitchen
  4. Bathroom
  5. Bedroom
  6. Office
  7. Conservatories, External Pods and Loft Conversions


Living Room

Comfort and style are key when picking a carpet or flooring for, what is traditionally, the room where families come together to relax. For most families that means achieving 2 things:

  1. Having a carpet that looks and feels comfy, but also stylish.
  2. Ensuring it’s got longevity and won’t show wear and tear in a short period of time.

For warmth, child-safety and comfort most people opt for carpet. So, let’s tick box one first. To ensure your lounge carpet has a premium feel underfoot (or under sock), start by considering the right fibre. There are a lot of fibre choices out there but you’re most likely to come across nylon, polyester, acrylic and wool. As a rule of thumb, high-quality wool, nylon and polypropylene tend to give you that cosy feel often sought-after in a living room. To find out more about a wider range of fabrics we recommend this article by The Spruce. Once you’ve chosen the fibre, it’s critical you get the pile right for your needs.

The pile refers to the length of fabric strands within the carpet. If you want your living room to feel comfy then aim for a higher pile with a heavier face weight. On the other hand, if your home has allergy sufferers or easy cleaning is more important, go for a lower face weight.

Thankfully wool and nylon fibres also tend to be the most durable, meaning they are great for ensuring wear and tear is held at bay for as long as possible. However, when considering durability, also pay attention to the face weight – which is the density of the material measured in ounces – as well as the warranties and guarantees provided by both the manufacturer and retailer. These both give an indication of the lifespan and quality of the carpet.

We recommend talking to our team about the Riviera Allure soft strand.

Of course, if having a soft floor in your living room isn’t your priority, you can always consider vinyl or hardwood flooring which are often selected for their stunning aesthetics and can be accentuated by statement rugs. Take a look at our wooden flooring gallery for an alternative living room style, including the gorgeous Furlong Emerald Multi-Layer 190.



The hallway serves as the gateway to your home, setting the tone for what lies beyond. As a high-traffic area, it requires a flooring option that can withstand the constant coming and going while still making a stylish statement. Consider durable options such as hardwood, vinyl, or quick-step laminate, which are not only resilient but also add an elegant touch to your hall.

It is vital that if you opt for laminate or hardwood, the underlay you choose is of a high quality, as this will have a big impact on the durability of your hallway flooring over the coming years. Talk to one of our expert team to understand how to get the most out of your underlay and hallway flooring.

In a nutshell, here are the key differences to keep in mind when comparing vinyl, laminate and wooden flooring for your hallway:

Vinyl = More affordable, scratch and moisture resistant, easy to clean and maintain.

Wood = Naturally stylish, incredible first impression, can be sanded down and re-finished.

Laminate = Wide range of styles and price points, requires underlayment.

Vinyl flooring tends to be the most popular choice due to its stylistic variety and easiness to maintain however wood flooring and laminate also have their pros and cons. Take a look at our gallery to find the perfect inspiration for your hallway.



Now we come to the room where you’re most likely to see stains and spills, so you need to choose a flooring that can handle the cleaning demands whilst also being durable enough to accommodate the frantic movements of inspiring chefs.

These days laminate flooring and engineered wood are the go-to for a lot of households. Both offer a wide range of appealing styles, whilst also being easy to clean. We recommend looking at Furlong Flooring’s Next Step 189 if engineered wood is on your radar, as it offers a great combination of performance and style. However, if you’re heart (and wallet) are swaying towards laminate, the Quick-Step Creo is  great place to begin your search.

In recent years the use of plastic in LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) has seen its popularity decline for environmental reasons, but if you’re looking for a tried and tested, slip-resistant, water-resistant, and easy to clean kitchen flooring, start by taking a look at the Abingdon Flooring Mexico collection.



A lot of the same principles we discussed in the Kitchen section also apply to bathrooms and lavatories. You will want your flooring to be slip and water resistant, and easy to maintain, whilst also ensuring it makes your bathroom feel modern and spacious.

In the bathroom however it’s critical that hygiene is a priority. Whatever flooring you choose needs to be moisture resistant, convenient to clean, and in an ideal world not capture dirt, mould, bacteria or fungi.

We’d suggest staying away from wood (both natural and engineered) in this case, as even though visually it can be a real feast for the eyes, it’s also susceptible to moisture damage and can hold onto bacteria.

Instead, we’d recommend something from the Karndean Luxury Vinyl Flooring Tile range. These stunning designflooring solutions allow your bathroom floor to mimic natural materials and the most premium flooring options, whilst providing a more practical alternative. This range of versatile and durable vinyl comes with a simple to follow cleaning guide and industry leading lifetime guarantee.

Take a look at The Opus collection in our gallery to see an example of why we think so highly of Karndean.



The bedroom is your personal sanctuary, a space for rest and rejuvenation. Softness and warmth underfoot are essential for creating a cozy atmosphere. Carpet, luxury vinyl plank, or hardwood flooring with area rugs are popular choices for bedrooms, providing comfort and a touch of luxury. Consider colours and textures that promote relaxation and reflect your personal style.

Much like when we discussed the living room, it’s important to get the right material and pile length for a bedroom carpet. However, as it’s likely to see much less foot traffic you can sacrifice some of the durability for a more luxurious feel.

Ramp up the ounces in the face weight and increase the pile length for a much softer carpet that really has a premium texture. Literally letting you walk into comfort before bed.

If you’re feeling a little bolder, hard-wood flooring is another popular choice for the boudoir. It’s beautiful, hard-wearing and is environmentally friendly. It’s worth noting it’s also softer than tile and stone which are often considered alongside wood flooring.

To get a more in-depth guide to your options when finding the perfect flooring for your bedroom, read this article by The Spruce. Or if you want to see our bedroom carpets in situ, take a look at our carpet gallery.

If you’re considering wooden flooring in your bedroom, we recommend coming into one of our showrooms to discuss your options in depth with one of our expert team members. In the meantime take a look at Furlong Flooring’s Emerald Multi-Layer 150, which is a great inspiration for how wooden flooring can elevate a bedroom space.



Whether you work from home or have a dedicated office space, the right flooring can enhance productivity and create a professional atmosphere. It is vital though that it works well with office furniture, absorbs the noise from phone calls and provides relative comfort whilst also being practical. Wood, vinyl, laminate, and carpet are all viable choices, each offering a range of design possibilities to suit your unique style and preferences.

Both Vinyl and laminate floors are a durable and low-maintenance option, ideal for heavy foot traffic and swivel chair use. They are scuff and stain-resistant, absorb noise, and offer excellent thermal properties.

On the other hand, hardwood flooring exudes a natural and long-lasting appeal, available in various colours and textures to complement your home office’s aesthetic.

Carpet is often considered, especially for home offices, as it can make your space feel more welcoming than the alternatives. That being said, to make carpet functional within an office space it needs to work with how you use your office. For example, if you adore your executive leather office swivel chair, there is no point choosing a high-pile dense fibre as you’ll end up spending a lot of your time furiously trying to push your chair across the room.

For a long-lasting office flooring, we highly recommend discussing your options with our team to ensure whatever type of flooring you choose suits your unique requirements for a long time to come.


Conservatories, External Pods and Loft Conversions

Finally, we wanted to touch on the more modern rooms we get enquiries about. Expanding your living space with conservatories, external pods, or loft conversions requires flooring options that can withstand temperature changes and provide insulation. Engineered wood, laminate, or luxury vinyl flooring are excellent choices for these areas, offering both style and practicality. Consider options with built-in thermal properties and durability to ensure year-round comfort.

  1. Conservatories: Conservatories are a delightful way to bring the outdoors inside, and the right flooring can enhance this experience. Engineered wood flooring is a popular choice for conservatories due to its durability and natural appeal. It offers the beauty of real wood while being more resistant to temperature fluctuations and moisture. Laminate flooring is another excellent option, providing a wide range of designs that mimic wood, stone, or tile at a more affordable price. To ensure comfort year-round, consider adding area rugs made from materials suitable for conservatory use, creating cosy spots to relax and enjoy the surrounding views.
  2. External Pods: External pods, like garden rooms or home offices, offer a tranquil escape from the main living spaces. These spaces require flooring that can handle outdoor exposure, potential moisture, and varying temperatures. Luxury vinyl flooring (LVT) is an exceptional choice for external pods. LVT comes in various styles, including wood and stone looks, and is designed to be water-resistant and highly durable. Its ability to replicate natural materials while offering easy maintenance and resilience makes it an ideal flooring solution for external buildings.
  3. Loft Conversions: Loft conversions are versatile spaces that can serve as bedrooms, home offices, or entertainment rooms. Choosing the right flooring is essential to make the most of these areas. Dependant on the way it’s going to be used, carpet tends to be the most popular option. However, engineered wood flooring can add warmth and elegance to the space. Its construction with multiple layers provides stability and reduces the risk of warping due to temperature changes. Laminate flooring is also suitable for loft conversions, providing a cost-effective alternative with a wide array of designs and textures. To enhance the comfort and soundproofing, consider adding quality underlayment beneath the flooring.

In all these additional rooms, the flooring’s thermal properties play a vital role in maintaining a comfortable atmosphere. Investing in flooring with built-in thermal resistance ensures that these spaces stay cosy during colder months and cooler during the summer, allowing you to enjoy them throughout the year.


Choosing the right flooring for each room of your home should be a creative and fun experience. By considering the specific needs of each space and exploring suitable options, you can create a harmonious environment that reflects your style and meets your lifestyle requirements.

Let Fludes Carpets be your guide in selecting the perfect flooring solutions for every room, providing exceptional quality, expert advice, and unparalleled customer service along the way. With a wide range of options and years of industry experience, we are here to help you transform your house into a dream home, one room at a time.

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